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  1. 00:50  Fyren| I'm trying to use bitlbee with purple and a purple plugin in ~/.purple/plugins, but it doesn't get loaded and I don't see anything interesting with BITLBEE_DEBUG.  Should it be loaded from home directories or will only system plugins work?  What else can I do to debug?  (Should I be asking somewhere purple-centric?)
  2. 01:06  demure| Fyren: what User is running your bitlbee? I use a system wide install, and have it reading systemwide purple plugins.
  3. 01:09  Fyren| demure: I compiled bitlbee, the libpurple plugin (and some bitlbee plugins) and I'm running it as my user.  libpurple is system installed, though.
  4. 01:11  demure| all I can say is that on my debian sid install of bitlbee w/ purple, it works when I put my purple plugins in /usr/lib/purple-2/
  5. 07:52  wgreenhouse| bigfluff: that's pretty rad
  6. 13:59  wilmer| yes, nice weekend project :-)
  7. 14:00  wilmer| Fyren: Hrm, yes you'd think that that works. :-( It's been years or I'd remember how to turn on libpurple debugging output to see where it's loading plugins from.
  8. 14:01  wilmer| I do hope that the daemonisation process doesn't somehow goes too far in obfuscating what is your $HOME but .... surely not
  9. 15:24  bigfluff| Aha, got it tied into IFTTT so I can get IRC alerts for just about anything
  10. 15:28  wilmer| hah, ifttt has an irc actuator/thingy?
  11. 15:29  Fyren| For my question earlier, it turns out libpurple itself doesn't look for plugins in ~/.purple/plugins, only their clients like pidgin do.
  12. 15:30  Fyren| But it was a one line change to purple have it add another path to search.
  13. 15:38  wilmer| Fyren: How did you do that?
  14. 15:39  wilmer| A BitlBee PR to make it do the same sounds appropriate. Though mind you, we've kinda stopped doing releases. :-/
  15. 15:41      Fyren| wilmer: I recompiled purple, so I don't know if it's part of their public API, but there's a purple_plugins_add_search_path() that purple itself only calls with the system lib dir.
  16. 16:55  dx| idk, i'll probably get one release out some day in the next few months
  17. 16:55  dx| i think there's nothing particularly exciting in the queue right now?
  18. 17:05  wilmer| I don't even know anymore honestly
  19. 17:05  wilmer| dx: BitlBee 3.0 is >10y old now /o\
  20. 17:06  wilmer| which also means BTW that in normal countries, BitlBee has reached drinking age
  21. 17:10  dx| :D
  22. 17:11  dx| zoomers probably refer to it as 'grandpa'
  23. 17:11  wilmer| hah, possibly
  24. 17:17  Fyren| https://github.com/bitlbee/bitlbee/blob/master/protocols/purple/purple.c#L1816-L1817
  25. 17:18  Fyren| bitlbee already does this, but it could add another directory that's user writable.
  26. 17:19  Fyren| But if you're compiling it yourself to run as a user, you probably set prefix to somewhere in your user space anyway.
  27. 17:21  Fyren| ...yet that doesn't seem to work for me.  I dunno, heh.
  28. 17:52  dx| ah, i did vaguely remember adding something to the purple search path before
  29. 17:53  dx| Fyren: which path did you try?
  30. 17:54  dx| "TODO: figure out a better interface later (famous last words)" mood
  31. 17:55  Fyren| dx: My first attempt, I built bitlbee with purple on, built the purple plugin, and rebuilt my two bitlbee plugins I use.
  32. 17:55  Fyren| I put all the plugins in bitlbee/lib but the purple one didn't load.
  33. 17:58  Fyren| Doing this all as a user, but using the system's libpurple.
  34. 18:00  Fyren| While futzing around, I did what I said above (built my own libpurple where I stuck in another purple_plugins_add_search_path) and it worked.  I didn't notice bitlbee even called that itself till after.

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